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About David Oke A.G.S (MC Rhema)

David Oke, commonly called A.G.S or MC Rhema, is an international minister of the Gospel called by God with a Prophetic and Evangelistic mandate "To empower the saints and bring all men to the knowledge of Jesus Christ." He considers himself one of the watchmen for this generation to bring God's counsel, will, and the revelation of His mysteries and will to all men.


He is an award-winning and multi-talented minister, Gospel Artist, Psalmist, Revivalist, Producer, Comedian, and Multi-Instrumentalist. He is the C.E.O. of Rez Records, a faith-based music company specializing in songwriting, recording, mixing, and mastering services. David Oke grew up in a family with a solid spiritual foundation and faith in Jesus. He is passionate about a Godly lifestyle and holiness, unashamed about His love for God and the Gospel. His debut album entitled "Ipa (Might)" was released in 2010, and since then, ministry and his passion for souls to be saved and transformed by knowing Jesus has taken him to many nations.


David Oke has recorded many albums and written thousands of songs with testimonies and harvest of souls to the glory of God! His ministry, David Oke A.G.S Ministries (D.O.A.M.), organizes many life-transforming events like Campus Revival + Gritty, The Set Apart Projects (a moment of worship, prayers, and consecration for youth and young adults), The Company of Prophets (a class for prophetic people and prophets), Isaiah 55 Night (a night of intercessory and Prophetic Prayers for Georgia, America, and the world at large), and  Nations Worship (a night of multi-cultural worship). 

David Oke is married to beautiful Ayobami, and God has blessed them with three beautiful and anointed children.

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