David Oke commonly called A.G.S or MC Rhema is a minister of the gospel called by God with the mandate “To empower the saints and to bring all men to the knowledge of Jesus Christ”. He is an award-winning multi-talented minister, Gospel Artist, Psalmist, Producer, Comedian, and Multi-Instrumentalist. He is the CEO of Rez Records, a faith-based music company that specializes in songwriting, recording, mixing and mastering services. David Oke grew up in a family that has a very strong spiritual foundation and faith in Jesus. He has so much passion for the things of God and He is unashamed about His love for God and the Gospel. At the age of 10, he started playing drums at His local church in Osogbo, Nigeria and at 13, he has been able to master five musical instruments. In 2006, by divine arrangement, God miraculously paved way for him to move to the United States of America to fulfill God’s mandate upon his life He recorded his debut album in 2010 and since then he has been performing all over the United States. His music career has gotten him several awards both in the United States of American and Nigeria. David Oke so far has recorded Five albums, viz; Ipa (Might), Erujeje (Awesome God), The Faithful one (1&2), Revival and The Unfathomable God live recorded album in the works set to be released in 2020. David Oke is married to beautiful Ayobami and they are blessed with two wonderful children. In addition, his first-ever 1-hour comedy special in celebration of his ten years doing clean comedy comes up April 25, 2020.

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